What is Codex?

The Codex Planner was created to give you more time to focus on God's plan for your day and to foster a more intentional relationship with Him. This planner was created out of a desire to bring our spiritual journey into one place. To gather memories, journal growth, document answers to prayer, track our conversations with God and so much more. This is your Codex, your manuscript of daily living on purpose.

Customize your planner in a way that will inspire you to live on purpose and grow in a deeper relationship with our King. I pray you will join me and others as we seek to have an abundant relationship with God; may we see Him more in the everyday moments of life.


nouncodex; plural noun: codexes; plural noun: codices
1. an ancient manuscript text in book form.
2. late 16th century (denoting a collection of statutes or set of rules): from Latin,
literally ‘block of wood,’ later denoting a block split into leaves or
tablets for writing on, hence a book.




Meet Carrie.

A little about me: I married my first kiss. We made three beautiful, spunky kids in the suburbs of Portlandia. I've always been a maker and have found myself on this amazing journey with my Mentor, the Creator of the world.

The Codex Planner was birthed out of the need to find my purpose in God's Kingdom and my desire to keep my eyes on Him. This planner is more than just a daily schedule keeper. It’s a place for God to take control of our day. It is intended to be a tool to gather, store, document, and reflect on our personal journey with God. You can think of it as a devotional planner.

Friends, I have prayed that You and I would see God in our everyday moments and that He would use this planner to give life to your story. I’m overjoyed to be part of the revival deep in our souls as we follow the path He has created and designed just for us.

Are you ready to let God run the day? Me too.

Sharing the journey,
Carrie Postma, Founder & Designer of the Codex Planner

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  • I adore Starbucks chai tea (iced or hot).
  • Self-taught Graphic Designer.
  • Music moves my soul.
  • I think sleeping should be an olympic sport.
  • I tear up when children sing. (I ugly cry when they sing to Jesus.)
  • I am a seeker of joy.

Mission & Values

The goal of the Codex Planner is to provide products and services that foster an intentional belief in what is true, lovely and good.



Romans 8:28

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily chaos of family obligations, work demands and the pursuit of a balanced life. Keeping our eyes set on God's plan, releases us from trying to control everything fighting for our attention. When we trust in His plan for our lives, we discover a heart of peace, joy and purpose.


Romans 8:38

Being in a relationship with God connects us to something greater than ourselves. Connection with God happens in prayer, studying God's Word, through others pouring into us, and even through trials. We find acceptance, love, loyalty, wisdom and comfort in the arms of our Father. What we learn from Him, as we grow in our spiritual journey, needs to be poured out into the lives of those around us. We need a vertical connection to God and a horizontal connection to others.



Romans 5:3-5

We have hope in the promises of God's Word. On the days when life is hard, we can trust that God is working on our behalf. He never rests. This is not our eternal home, so, we take comfort in the knowledge and hope that one day, we will be reunited with our Father in heaven.


2016-09-16 02.46.36 1.jpg

Hebrews 12:2

We seek the words of Scripture to guide, teach, encourage and grow our faith in God. We believe Jesus to be the provider of our salvation through his life, death and resurrection, giving us access to an endless supply of grace and mercy. Keeping our focus on God keeps our perspective on eternal things.