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Each product has been curated or created out of a desire to bring our spiritual journey into focus. Gather memories, journal growth, document answers to prayer, track our conversations with God or study the truth of the Bible.

Every Codex product is designed for inspiration to live on purpose.  Join others to seek out an abundant relationship with God; may you see Him more in the everyday moments of your life.

Homemaker. Tea Drinker. Joy Seeker. Music Lover. Peacemaker.


I'm Carrie Postma, the Founder & Designer of the Codex Planner. When I'm not trying to survive the perils of raising three teenagers, you can find me designing things on my computer (while drinking a chai tea, of course). I've always been a maker and have found myself on this incredible journey with the Creator of the world. I'm glad you've joined me over here at the Codex Planner website.

This business is a compilation of the many years I taught myself how to be a graphic designer, my strong desire to encourage others and my need to create systems that make life a little bit easier.

Friends, I have prayed that we would see God in our everyday moments. My hope is that the Codex Planner will give life to our stories and depth to our connections.


Carrie Postma

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