Holding Space For Others

When Carrie asked me to write a blog post for her, I was overwhelmed with ideas. Compassion is something that I've directly experienced God's hand in molding me, growing me into a person who better reflects who he wants me to be.But narrowing down these ideas into something that I could write proved much more challenging. I have witnessed poverty first-hand, and it left me with a lot of responsibility to relay the lessons I’ve learned.

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Codex + Carpe Diem

I am so thrilled to carry the Carpe Diem binders in the shop. These binders are the perfect partner to hold our Codex inserts. The Carpe Diem binders offer superior quality and the most perfect sizing.

A few years ago, when God placed this in my lap, one of the biggest struggles I had was what would we put our Codex in? I had considered making it a wire-bound book but, quickly dismissed that idea.

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Courageous Love

I have never considered myself bold, rather I would be caught in awe of those women I admired that essentially glided through life with alluring grace and boldness. When I was asked to write on this topic, my friend Carrie mentioned that she had “learned so much about boldness” from me. I sat, literally stuck at my keyboard with astonishment and overwhelming humbleness.

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The Skinny on Wisdom

I'm just going to start this post off with some honesty... sitting down to write this has been really hard. I've attempted to write this post approximately 353 times over the course of a few weeks. I'm not 100% confident that I'm the person to be talking about "wisdom" but, God calls the unqualified - so, let's see how this turns out, shall we?

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Faithful Grit

I am a week away from 32, and I used to think once I reached my thirties life would seem less complicated and more smooth sailing. Now I laugh at myself when I think of this because I’ve learned along the way life will only become more complicated.

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Unclenching Desires

I hate this. If this is the love story You’re writing for me – I hate it. This is not better than I could have possibly hoped or imagined; this is the most unnatural thing You could have asked me to do and I am so mad at You for it.

Who in their right mind looks at the God of the Universe and says those words to Him?

Um, me. I did that.

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Surrendering It All

I'm learning to let go of control. To stop chasing perfection. To live for the good stuff in life. I'm learning that perfection is an unrealistic idea that robs of us the moments that are in front of us. I'm learning to stop looking at others and where they are and start focusing on God and what He has planned for me.

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You know when you are reading something, watching a show/movie, or doing devotions you have this moment of illumination? Maybe a creative bug bites you? That is what happened as I was pondering “faith.” I happened to be studying it in one of my classes and checking my instagram. The following prompted me to share a bit of my journey and how faith looks lived out.

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Waiting and Pancakes

Our world is in a bunch of hurt that reaches to every corner of the globe. Recent events have torn families, friendships, governments and countries apart. When we look around at what is happening in our world, it can leave us struggling to make sense of humanity. I find myself holding my breath, simply waiting for something good.

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