And we are live!


I'm not even sure how to put into words all the feels that have raced through my heart over the past 24 hours... actually, over the past year. It was over a year and half ago that God whispered to my heart that I would be making a book. I have researched, prayed, cried over, developed and designed this planner that some of you now hold in your hands. I am overwhelmed.

The Codex Planner made its debut into the world yesterday and the response was completely unexpected. I had friends texting me, strangers emailing me and comments all over social media, I was humbled.

I have a strong feeling that God is about to expand some hearts through the Codex Planner.

I am filled with excitement at the potential of what God has planned and hearing more things like this:

I desperatly need and want to incorporate Jesus more into my life and I really believe this will help me.
— Laura, Working Mom of two adorable boys

There is so much more I want to share but, I will let you get back to your things and your people. Check back later this week when I will share some suggestions on binders, notebooks, tabs and more Codex goodness.

Remember to focus on what is true, lovely and good!