Let's Get Organized

A friend of mine asked the other day what notebook or binder she should use for her Codex Planner. Great question and one that I have been thinking about for awhile. I've done some research into who carries 5.5"x8.5" (actually 6" x 9") binders, aka "mini binders".

You may already have something that will hold your Codex Planner perfectly. Below are some options that I found if you don't already have a binder or notebook.


Is there anything you can't find at Target?

2016-12-02 11.06.34 1.jpg

You know the value section right as you walk in the door that tempts you with all the cute things that you simply must purchase? Yea, I found this cute pink polka dotted binder in the value section! It was only $3, score!


If you are into fun prints like flamingos, zebras and pineapples, you must check out the line by Greenroom. I found these in the office supply section at my Target but, not all Target stores carry this line. How adorable are these?! They are 6x9 and about 1" thick.



I was wandering the stationary aisles of Office Depot looking for all things cute (am I the only one who does this in every store?) I saw these darling mini notebooks and was thrilled to see them on clearance for only $3 each. I'm sure other office supply stores will have similar options, just wander the aisles like I do!



This was my most recent find and probably the one I will use for my own Codex (at least, my Sermon Notes section) The price is just under $10 and the quality is great. They have accessories that can make your Codex Planner even more organized like tabs and dividers. I found these at my local Container Store.

 Photo Credit:  Russell + Hazel

Photo Credit: Russell + Hazel

 Photo Credit: Found on Pinterest

Photo Credit: Found on Pinterest

 Photo Credit:  Russell + Hazel   

Photo Credit: Russell + Hazel



I found Avery products on Amazon but, I'm sure your local office supply store carries them too! I know the plain white version doesn't look like much but, for those of you who like to get creative with painting, handlettering or scrapbboking, this might be a great option for you. You can create your own covers to customize your Codex. They do have other fun patterns and prints to choose from if making your own doesn't suit your fancy. The other cool thing I discovered from Avery are the monthly tab dividers!


I hope this helps and gives you a place to start with your Codex Planner. With these options being so affordable, you can use a different binder for each section of your planner and create your own personal Codex library.

If you find another option, I'd love to hear about so I can share with other members of the Codex Community. EMAIL ME or comment on this post!