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I am so thrilled to carry the Carpe Diem binders in the shop. These binders are the perfect partner to hold our Codex inserts. The Carpe Diem binders offer superior quality and the most perfect sizing.

A few years ago, when God placed this in my lap, one of the biggest struggles I had was what would we put our Codex in? I had considered making it a wire-bound book but, quickly dismissed that idea. One of the many great features about Codex planning is our ability to customize the insides of our planner, if it was wire-bound, we would lose that option. Then, I considered creating my own custom Codex binder but, whoa, the financials were not there for a company just starting out (This is definitely on my big prayers list.) I began searching high and low for a binder I could offer that would be what I envisioned from the beginning. There are so many beautiful binders out there but, they weren't exactly right. I felt like Little Red Riding Hood... its too big, its too small, its too "branded", its too expensive! I found the perfect balance of quality, affordability and flexibility in the Carpe Diem binder.

Each binder is made with high quality simulated leather. There are four interior pockets, two side pockets, an elastic pen loop, a metal charm, quality hardware, a snap closure and a variety of colors to choose from. I can't wait for you to have these in your hands, they are so lovely! 

2017-06-23 08.39.16 2.jpg

Let's talk sizing of these binders. The Carpe Diem binders are a standard A5 size (5.8" x 8.3"). This is a great size for taking with you on the go but, it leaves enough room for journaling, taking notes and planning out your day. It can fit in your handbag, briefcase or diaper bag! Its not too big and clumsy which allows you to hold it on your lap during church and take notes.

The hardest decision you will have to make is which color to choose?! The Codex Shop will be carrying Blush, Coral, Robin's Egg, Clover, Platinum, Black Speckle and Floral Dot (Limited Quantities Available!)

Place your pre-sale order today for your favorite binder and then stalk your mailman because orders will begin shipping August 16th!