Our Provider


I, out of all the people I know, have been a recipient of God's provision. From jobs, to food, to money for rent. Finances, open doors, favor to cars, clothing, healing and friends. I cannot begin to describe the hours of wasted time worrying, begging, pleading and stressing, only to find that,  in the perfect timing, He provided, above what I asked for or imagined. What I have been amazed by the most, is something I have only recently realized. I never once had to do any of those things. He already desired to provide all that I needed. It has taken Him being faithful and patient with me until I saw. I know it's just the beginning of a new journey/season. I  have begun to take time to just enjoy His presence, stealing away any chance I get to acknowledge who He is. Spending time in the word, worshipping Him, and taken thoughts captive. When I behold His face and glorify Him with my mouth, I have seen all that He has already done. He has provided salvation for my soul. Air to breathe. Life to my family.

Love to my soul.

It literally blows me away. The more that I focus on Him, the more that He just pours out, even before I ask. I call it "Father Kisses", because He shows who He is, by doing something special, that no one else would see or know, and lavishes with all that is needed. He even provides enough that can be shared. That is our God. 

My prayer for you today, is that you would get to know the one who has sacrificed it all. The one who is there in the thick and thin. Who hurts when you hurt, and rejoices when you smile. That you would not limit Him by what you see, or by areas you feel you cannot let go of. Test Him today, and choose to grasp the Mighty greatness of a loving and faithful Provider. In that, you will find rest from worry and striving. His presence will bring a peace and Joy that you have never known, but have longed for. Jehovah Jireh, your provider. His grace and presence is more than sufficient. 

To Him be the glory,