Prayerfully add your daily tasks and schedule onto beautifully designed pages. Every section of the daily pages has been carefully developed to bring focus, purpose and intentionality to your daily routine.



Each month has been given a dedicated theme that focuses on a specific Biblical characteristic or concept. The quotes and Scripture were carefully researched to bring daily inspiration to help us keep an eternal perspective.

2017 Monthly Themes and Acknowledgements


Heart Check

Use this space to jot down the key thing that God is speaking to your heart for the day. It will be a moment to moment reminder of your daily focus whenever you look at your day.


eat the frog

Mark Twain humorously suggested that if the first thing you do in the morning is eat a live frog, you can go through the day satisfied that it is probably the worst part of your day.

The "frog" is your least favorite task of the day. It is the task that you tend to put off until the very last minute.

The crown

This section is your daily prayer request. After you've talked to the King, jot down your praise or whatever is heavy on your heart. Every time you glance at your planner, you can make it a habit to talk to God about your daily prayers. This is also a great way to look back to see how He has answered you.



There are four lines to plan out your most important tasks of the day. Just for today, focus only on the things you need to accomplish. You might have them all done by noon or it might take you all day. Anything after those four tasks is a bonus. If you don't complete a task, show yourself some grace and move it to the next day (maybe that's your "frog" for tomorrow?)


Record your appointments, work hours, coffee dates, quiet time or workouts. There are blank spaces between each hour for extra writing space or to use for half hour scheduling.


Anything goes in the notes section. Grocery lists, errands, prayers, reminders, a memory or thoughts from the day.