Sermon Notes Booklet

Sermon Notes Booklet


Does your church give you a bulletin to take notes during the service? Some churches do and some churches don't. Even when they provide a paper, it never seems to be enough space! Then, where do I put my notes after church?

I love taking notes in church. It not only keeps my focus on the teaching but, I can write down those nuggets of truth and refer to them later in the week for refreshers. This section of the Codex Planner is for you, the note takers.

• Number of pages included: 56 (includes 2 cover pages, 52 weeks of sermon notes front/back for the whole year)
• Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
• Easily print at home or your local print shop
• Downloadable files; Ability to print pages whenever you need them. Please do not distribute, Personal Use Only.
• Instant download; receive a link to your order immediately after payment.
• Flexibility to use your favorite binder or notebook.
• Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, all pages are designed in black and white that will print beautifully on all printers.




A dedicated column to recording Scripture that is referenced during a sermon. Perfect for quick reference when reviewing your notes in the days to come.


Jot down inspiration, resources and main points of a teaching.


This space is great for summarizing the lesson or how you can apply the teaching to your personal relationship with God.

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