Scripture Memory Worksheet

Scripture Memory Worksheet


Psalm 119:14 says, "Deep within me I have hidden Your word so that I will never sin against You." When we commit Scripture to memory, it hides there until the Holy Spirit reminds us of His Word. It is a discipline that can be difficult for a lot of people to master. This worksheet was created to give you a tool to use when you want to memorize a Bible verse.

"Verse". This is where you write out the verse you would like to memorize.
"My Words". Write the Bible verse out in your own words. Journal a little about what this verse is speaking to your heart.
"Read It". Read the Scripture aloud 12 times. This helps to commit the words to memory by hearing it.
"Write It". Find a piece of paper or the back of the worksheet and write out the Scripture 12 times.
"Say It". Now try and say the Bible verse by memory 12 times. Don't worry if it takes you more than twelve times, just continue repeating it until you have it memorized. Once you have it in your heart, say it to someone... it's good to have accountability!

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