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The Codex Planner was designed as a tool for journaling spiritual growth, studying the Bible, documenting answers to prayer and gathering conversations with God. This is your handwritten manuscript for daily living on purpose.


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There are seasons of life when our schedules are dictated by our circumstances and we have very little control over opportunities for helping others or ourselves.

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Monthly Focus

During the course of a year, Codex focuses on twelve Biblical principles from the Bible. Each month is dedicated to focusing on these themes through blog posts, Bible studies, social media encouragement, and newsletter updates. By giving our undivided attention to a single topic, we can discover a deeper understanding of God's truth.


Bible studies

There are worksheets available in the shop that allow you to study the Scriptures for each monthly theme.

Blog posts

Visit the blog and search for a specific theme to find inspiration about a specific monthly topic.

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The Mission

The goal of the Codex Planner is to provide products and services that foster an intentional belief in what is true, lovely and good based upon the principles found in the Word of God.

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We believe in educating individuals to build their faith.

We want to create space for you to develop new spiritual habits, learn new techniques to grow, and find ways to connect in a more intentional relationship with our Father.


Bible Memory

What happens when you commit to memorizing God's Word? This is a discipline that can reveal a clearer picture of God's plan for you and the vision He has for his people.

  • Gain a stronger understanding of the Bible.
  • Develop a deeper relationship with Him in prayer.
  • Share your faith in confidence.
  • Have a better perspective on life.

New workshop-coming soon!

Working on the next workshop topic. Stay tuned!


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