Color vs. Black & White

I have designed the Codex Planner in a beautiful Pantone Black color. Printing in black and white vs. color will save your ink cartridges and is less expensive if you choose to have your local print shop print them for you. Here are a few thoughts to help you understand colors:


Everyone’s computer monitors and mobile devices display in varying degrees of brightness, so what I see on my computer monitor may look very different from what you are seeing on yours. So, when printing your Codex pages, they may appear more dull or less saturated than what you see on your computer.


As with your monitor, every brand of printer will vary from one to the next. You also need to take into account the ink cartridges that are used in your brand of printer.


Purchasing a printable planner allows for much more flexibility when planning your days and using the specialty sections of the Codex Planner. There are many beautiful planners out in the world to choose from but, most don't give you the flexibility to customize your content.

For example, maybe you plan your days and work schedule by quarters. Print only the pages of the Daily Planner that you need! This saves you from carrying around a big, heavy binder keeping only what you need available.

Please respect the hours and hours of time spent designing this Codex Planner for you and do not share your purchases with someone else. I would love it if you would direct them to my shop to let them customize their own Codex planner.